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The 3 x 3 SWOT Analysis and Action Plan that will help your aged care business to THRIVE

At the 2013 ACSA National Conference, Bentleys Health and Ageing Specialist Heath Shonhan led the “Finance for Reform” Master Classes. 


These sessions collated the collective wisdom and perspective of over 200 aged care providers and facilitated the development of a 3x3 SWOT Analysis – the output of which provides an Action Plan which activates an organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and offers clear and achievable outcomes.


We are delighted to share this output with you here and strongly encourage ongoing discussion and feedback regarding how effective/relevant this tool is for your organisation.


If you have any questions regarding its content please contact us at


What are the key benefits of a 3x3 SWOT Analysis:


In addition to creating a valuable tool, the 3x3 SWOT analysis also provides a positive stimulus for you to:

  1. Consider how to leverage your strengths and turn them into executable opportunities. We strongly encourage our aged care colleagues to dedicate a majority of their focus to this space.
  2. Identify how to  use your strengths to mitigate threats.  While we don’t endorse spending too much time worrying about threats, it is extremely valuable to use strengths to deal with these.
  3. Think about how to best develop your capacity so that weaknesses are overcome, threats are mitigated and opportunities are moved on.  Again, the focus is less about weaknesses and threats, but rather about building capacity (and strengths/opportunities).