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Thinking Ahead for Australian Aged Care - Access Industry Forum Presentations

LASA 2015 NATIONAL Congress Presentation - CDC in Residential Aged Care


At the 2015 LASA National Congress, Bentleys Health and Ageing Specialist Heath Shonhan led discussion around the emergence of Consumer-Directed-Care (CDC) in Residential Aged Care in Australia.


In summary:


  • CDC is already here.  Opening up greater choice in aged care is being further facilitated by Government approaches such as the Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles.


  • There is much to learn from the introduction of CDC in Home Care. There has been an increase in admin costs and the "one size fits all" approach is impractical for regional and remote providers.


  • Deregulation will likely continue with the rollout of the Aged Care Reform Review Process.


  • Industry disruption (think Uber and AirBnB) is possible.


  • Aged care providers need to THINK AHEAD and develop implementation plans that will build organisational capacity. Identify, Investigate and Implement the steps necessary for your organisation to be CDC savvy.


  • Measure your progress with a scorecard.


  • Activity-based-costing is imperative.


  • New services will be required.


Link to coverage in the Australian Ageing Agenda


Interview with Heath Shonhan - Start preparing now for CDC in Residential Aged Care





Heath also presented at the recent ACSA Finance Forum on financial indicators and metrics in the market - including the impact of the uptake of DAPs in aged care facilities.


He also pointed out that with shifts in the source and flow of capital into aged care, providers need to take a range of factors - including cost of capital and treasury management responsibilities - when making decisions around financing options.


We are delighted to share these presentations and strongly encourage ongoing discussion and feedback.


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