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For the 2016-17 ACAR, the Australian Government is not creating an indicative distribution of places by Aged Care Planning Region, instead opting to advertise the availability of places in state- and territory-wide pools.  This is consistent with advice provided in the Aged Care Sector Committee’s Roadmap, which recommends the reduction of controls on the distribution of aged care places.


ACAR Financial Assessment ToolApplications for 10,000 residential aged care places, 475 Short-Term Restorative Care places and up to $64 million in capital grants, are open until 28 October 2016 .


Demand for these places is expected to be high, so preparing an application that stacks up against the competition is crucial.


The Bentleys ACAR FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT TOOL can help you to propel your ACAR application to success!


This reliable, cost-efficient tool will take the guesswork out of the application process and show you how to enhance your responses to one of the key areas addressed in ACAR applications - financial position.

The tool is tailored to the aged care industry – based on our long history as advisors and consultants who implicitly understand the drivers of long term sustainability in aged care.


Included with your purchase is a one-hour telephone consultation with one of our aged care experts to walk you though the tool and provide guidance on enhancing your ACAR application.



This customised D-I-Y package is directly aligned to the ACAR process and includes all you need to develop a stronger application:


  • Financial Assessment Tool: A tool that will allow you to demonstrate your financial viability and sustainability – now and into the future. This tool can be used for both Residential Age Care Places and Capital Grants applications.


  • One hour telephone consultation: Guidance and support from our expert aged care consultants to assist you with the tool and provide tips on enhancing your ACAR application.



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